Every person is unique, so every funeral should be too. Our aim is to ensure that the final tribute is a true reflection of your wishes or those of your family or, indeed, the deceased.

Funerals vary by way of:

  • Burial or Cremation
  • Religious and Non Religious service

  • Coffin selection
  • Obituary notice wording
  • Music selection
  • Funeral Flowers
  • Funeral service booklets
  • Transportation

Burial & Cremation

A significant decision you need to make is whether your loved one is to be buried or cremated.


If you choose burial you will either need to re-open an existing grave or purchase a new grave. Family graves can usually accommodate at least three adult burials, depending on the cemetery.

When purchasing a new grave it is important to discuss with the family as to who the deeds will be issued to (the owner of the grave). It is in their discretion as to who will be buried in that grave in the future.

Our advisor will be happy to discuss with you what cemeteries have new graves for purchase in the city & county and all relevant costs, at the time of making arrangements

If it is your wish to pre-purchase a grave in anticipation of an impending death, contact Cross’s on 061 410744

Whether you are purchasing a new grave or opening an existing one there will be an opening fee that is charged by the local council.


There is documentation to be completed before a cremation can take place – we will arrange all of this for you and discuss in detail what’s required at the time of making arrangements.Each location (Shannon/Cork/Dublin) has chapels where a cremation service can be held. The service is either a short committal service or a full service.

Religious & Non-Religious Funeral Services

Our experience as long-established funeral directors provides us with an understanding of the customs and traditions of many religious faiths as they relate to funerals, including those of faiths which are relatively new to Ireland, we have the only specifically designed preparation room on our premises, for family members or leaders of the community to engage in the bathing process of the remains of their loved one, in the city and county of Limerick.

Some families prefer to have a non-religious or civil funeral both of which we have extensive experience in arranging.

In all cases we will arrange for a suitable celebrant who can facilitate, guide and assist with the ceremony.

Committal Service

A committal service is conducted when there has been a church service or funeral Mass before arriving at the crematorium. The committal service lasts about 10 to 15 minutes and is conducted by a member of the clergy following a standard religious format, not dis-similar to what takes place at a cemetery burial. There is usually an option to play non-religious music at this type of service.

Full Service Funerals

A full service does not have a prior church service or funeral Mass and usually lasts about 40 minutes.
Full services can normally only be facilitated in the afternoon.  There are three types of full service;

• Full religious service – instead of using a church the family chooses to have a full religious service in the crematorium chapel.
• Non-religious service – this is a service, without any religious content, designed by the family with the assistance of a civil celebrant or Humanist celebrant. The service will usually consist of music, eulogies, poems and words or remembrance.
• Civil Service – many families want a service which combines elements of the two above – some religious content coupled with their own choices of music, speeches, poems and words of remembrance.

Non Service Funerals

These are funerals that have no service at the crematorium. The deceased is taken directly for cremation.

Eco-Friendly Funerals

We are conscious that society today expects greener choices .We are committed to sourcing the most environment-friendly products available.

As well as our traditional selection of coffins and caskets, we offer our range of willow, pine and water hyacinth coffins. All our coffins are made from sustainable, recycled or waste materials.


We have decades of experience in dealing with the added complexity of a death overseas and the task of returning the deceased to Ireland.

We also have extensive experience in repatriating those who have died in Ireland to their country of origin. This will include the co-ordination of all documents from coroners, embassies and airlines and the preparation of the deceased to ensure a dignified presentation on return to their home country.

Funeral of a Child

The death of a child is a particularly tragic and distressing event for all concerned. The role of the Funeral Director is to give good advice and practical support in a compassionate, caring, and competent manner.

At Cross’s our experienced staff are available at all times to provide a very personal service to a family who have lost a child.  We will help guide you through every aspect of the funeral arrangements and the funeral itself with sensitivity and compassion.

On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Death Notices

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